Does your companion
having difficulty
lifting the
electric wheelchair because
it is too heavy?

We have the solution for you!

Extremely Lightweight
Electric Wheelchairs
just 26kg Including Batteries

Are you looking for an Electric Foldable,
Light Wheelchair with Autonomy over 15km?

Electric Wheelchair
Foldable as a
Manual One!

Do you have difficulty carrying your electric wheelchair in a car?

Το πιο ελαφρύ
αναπηρικό αμαξίδιο

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Ioannis D.

«Before Smart Chair I could not serve myself, I had to address to somebody and ask if they could ...

Evangelos P.

«I have mobility problems (MS) which limit my activities within the home ...

Konstantinos R.

Before buying Smart Chair I had a difficulty in movement both inside and outside the house, I was feeling depressed...

Panagiotis G.

«My problem before I buy Smart Chair was how to put the very heavy electric wheelchair that...

Christina E.

«Unfortunately, due to the multiple sclerosis that I have, therefore a mobility problem, I was dependent on someone...

Christos K.

«I couldn’t go for short rides near my house and I thought that there wasn’t a possibility for me anymore to do...


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