«Before Smart Chair I could not serve myself, I had to address to somebody and ask if they could serve me and help me with my jobs. I was always dependent on someone else. I chose Smart Chair to be independent and take control of my life. Now I am really happy because I do things I had never done in my life before!»

Ioannis D.

«I have mobility problems (MS) which limit my activities within the home. Based on the specifications of the wheelchair Smart Chair, I have the chance to go for rides around the house and have a change of scenery. This breaks the monotony of the four walls and gives me the opportunity to see the world around me»

Evangelos P.


«Before buying Smart Chair I had a difficulty in movement both inside and outside the house, I was feeling depressed. I chose Smart Chair for a quick and easy transportation in the car. Now that I can get around outside the house alone I am feeling happier!»

Konstantinos R.

«My problem before I buy Smart Chair was how to put the very heavy electric wheelchair that I had in the car. The wheels and the batteries had to be removed and yet again the frame was heavy and rigid.

So I chose Smart Chair because after doing a research I realized that it has great endurance, it is flexible and technically perfect, it also folds with a move and it can be put easily into any car-trunk because of its low weight. I note that the company ORTHOSTATICAL from which I have bought it treated me in a very responsible and honest manner in every contact I had with them and I thank them very much.

Now that I own it I am very cheerful and happy, I go anywhere I want relaxed and without feeling socially excluded!»

 Panagiotis Giannoukaris


«Unfortunately, due to the multiple sclerosis that I have, therefore a mobility problem, I was dependent on someone to carry me. That made me sad and it usually prevented me from taking part in outings that involved moving, so I felt isolated in my home! 

I chose the electric Smart Chair because it is very elegant, easy to use, it has great autonomy and it is very comfortable!

I am feeling less excluded owing to movement difficulty and I am not a burden to my attendants! Unfortunately I cannot use it within Athens, due to lack of accessibility everywhere!»

Christina Ebrem

«I couldn’t go for short rides near my house and I thought that there wasn’t a possibility for me anymore to do the simple thing the simple thing that everybody does… to go to a kiosk, go for coffee to a café, to a supermarket and many other places… 

I preferred Smart Chair after a research, because it fully covers my needs and meets all requirements.

I am feeling happy because with the electric wheelchair I can do some things on my own!»

 Christos Kanellos 


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